Garrity Publishing is embarking on an adventure and I want you to join us!

Romance has grown into an extremely multifaceted genre, from the sweet and innocent to the down right x-rated. In recent years this expansion has been very much embraced by the eBook Market, but hasn’t taken much hold in the Print Market. Self Publishing print books can get very expensive and getting those copies on to store shelves can be difficult without a publisher behind you.

Our mission is to expand your audience with a unique and cost-effective business model. By tapping into new markets and using innovative marketing techniques we will reach new customers who wouldn’t ordinarily have access to your works.

We want your writing to be a financially viable career or a beneficial side hustle. Whatever your goal is for your writing, we can work towards it together.

Our secondary goal is to provide opportunity. With most of the large publishers in the UK being based in London, we want to buck the trend a little and set up shop in the North East of Scotland. We want to provide employment to locals, use the services of our local printers and work with some of our amazing local artists and graphic designers.

We are accepting submissions for our First Subscription Box due to launch 6th July 2020 (Preorders from June 1st). We welcome unsolicited enquiries.

Royalties for books sold through our subscription service are a more favourable rate as it is a set amount per copy rather than a percentage.

View our Submission Guidelines Here

If would like more information or ask any questions please email

If you have a finished work (even if it has been previous self published) and would like to be part of our First Subscription Box please email